How Many Tomatoes Can a Haddock Grow?

I store them here

I store them here

..........and I prep them there.

..........and I prep them there.

There is no easy answer to this question I feel. Suffice to say like numerous other fellow foodies, I have them in abundance, and, try as I might, there are very few takers in these parts for gift baskets of the red orbs.
Save the odd photo shoot or two, they placidly wait to be prepared, until their owner (me) creates a selection of recipes to do them justice.
Happily, that time is now.
My favourite tomato “dish” is sliced thinly, and served with fresh bread, salted French butter and cheese (I admit to being a Cheddar aficionado),
Rest easy, I am not about to offer up a recipe for this simple creation.
I have decided on a duo of tomato soup recipes, which I will post as two different posts following this one.(too much reading otherwise)
Not very high up there for imagination or creativity, but tomato soup represents the ultimate comfort food for our family.
I recall eating this more often than not for my school packed lunch (with a Cheddar cheese sandwich),
It was my default food when pregnant (along with Liquorice Allsorts)
It was our supper last evening when we returned home from the Ile de Re, accompanied by cheese on toast (Cheddar) liberally spread with grainy mustard.
I had it for lunch today.
OK. I’ll stop now – you get the picture – I like tomato soup.

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