April Fools Day – Poisson D’Avril


I am not entirely sure of the reason the French call April Fools Day Poisson d’Avril.
I do now feel a stronger affinity with it given my surname, and seeing this mighty beast of a fish recently caught at our local Pescalis in Moncoutant, it made me remember one particular sting I was caught with when living in the UK.
I am a self-declared foodie, there is no denying that. I have certain tastes I like to the exclusion of all others.
One particular combination I adore is coconut and pineapple, and am oft spotted with a trashy looking pina colada, complete with lurid green straw and cerise umbrella, sipping away like there’s no tomorrow.
Imagine then my utter delight one day when flicking though a Sainsbury”s magazine under the “What’s New?” section.
There was a glossy picture of a new fruit they were stocking that had been made from careful botanic manipulation – a cross between a coconut and a pineapple. It had the exterior of a pineapple, and when opened up the flesh next to the outer skin was of pineapple with a soft luscious core of white coconut.
I actually got in the car and drove 24 miles to my nearest Sainsbury’s to buy one, taking the magazine with me.
I can leave you to work out the rest for yourself, as not unsurprisingly, there were no such fruit on sale.
I was bitterly disappointed, and the fact I’d been “had” by an April Fool jape mattered not a jot – I wanted my new hybrid fruit, and that was that.
You will be relieved to know I have long given up the search for this exotic item, but still some days I wistfully dream that someone somewhere is working on such a genetically modified delight.
We can all dream, and I continue to do so.

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