Retro Cooks. Clarissa Dickson Wright.

Clarissa Dicksons Wright was the featured celebrity cook in my series called Retro Chefs for Flavour Magazine in 2009.

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This is my last offering in the series of Retro Cooks that I have featured in Flavour Magazine.
They say always save the best until last, so I have.
Here she is , my personal favourite, Clarissa Dickson Wright.


We end our series on retro cooks with a true Titan of food – Clarissa Dickson Wright.
Her arrival on our TV screens in 1994 gave the foodie world a real jolt. Along with fellow Fat Lady, Jennifer Patterson, they resembled a comedy act. She is coincidentally the cousin of the comedian Alexander Armstrong.
Their repartee during the shows raised many a smile whilst they regaled us with a myriad of culinary anecdotes, whilst the Health and Safety Commission threw their hands in horror at Jennifer’s long painted nails clawing into the food they were preparing. Such was their controversial approach, they were once described…

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