Portes Ouvertes.

In the midst of this awful weather, let’s turn our minds to the wonderful things France will soon have to offer us.
For those lucky enough to live there, March will herald the onslaught of Portes Ouvertes season………..

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France is a place of clichéd landmarks: Say Provence and infinite fields of lavender will appear along with its attendant charms and sun drenched monuments. Say Ile de Ré and golden sandy beaches and the white sails draped around its chic harbours resonate in the mind’s eye. Say Deux Sèvres and you will be rewarded with a blank look.

One of the more modest departements of France, it has a population of a mere 360, 000 or so souls, and has managed to avert the eye of the world for pretty much the whole of eternity.
It’s time to change that.

Whilst it has a growing ex pat population, its notoriety has been confined to the unkind snigger of its sophisticated neighbours, where, in polite circles it is referred to as Les Deux Chevres, owing to the substantial number of four-legged inhabitants there.

That said, it has a modest…

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