Why I love France: They Say It With Food.

I am in the midst of my Sunday morning trawl through the blogsphere, and I have just read Jaqueline’s Brown’s delightful French Village Diaries.
As a fellow foodie, Jacqui has posted up a lovely piece on Chandeleur – or French Pancake Day.

For those that know me, I hate Winter, and refer to it sullenly as “The Dark Time”.
I take the cold and dark as a personal affront, and reader, so should you!

Candlemas, or Chandeleur, as Jacqui points out, is the mid-point between the shortest day and the Spring equinox.
In plain terms, the light quality is going to get better from tomorrow, the days will get longer and people, and we are moving headlong towards Spring.
In France they have the saying to say this:
L’hiver cesse ou reprend vigueur

Great News!

Not so if you, like me can now see the grey streaks on the windows that sorely need a clean, or the film of grease laid down over on the pans sitting atop the Aga after months of stolid rib sticking cooking.
Yes, it’s time to Spring Clean alright, but what better time to do it? France’s beauty comes into its own at this time of year, and evidence will shortly stack up around us all to hammer the point home.
Things start to open up – there will be new wine tastings at local Portes Ouvertes, local festivals, and things to do other than chop firewood and skulk out to the supermarket on a dank, cold day.

We might even start to venture out into our beloved gardens once again.

We all know the expression:

“Say it with flowers”

In France, they say nothing, and just sit a table and tuck into yet another wonderful family meal.

Isn’t it just what makes France such a great place to live?

I think so.

Indedible delights to adorn the dinner table..........................

Indedible delights to adorn the dinner table……………………..

5 thoughts on “Why I love France: They Say It With Food.

  1. I enjoyed your blog as I lie here in Belfast listening to a storm outside my window dreaming of long summer nights in a France. One day if my husband can get some employment there we will enjoy all the lovely seasons and the festivals and everything about France. He is a painter DecorTor Paperhanger and a few years ago he painted two villas in the south of France and some apartments in Nice for a client here and it gave us 5 glorious months in France . I will follow your blog very light hearted and interesting thank you Beverley.

    • Hi Beverly – thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my blog.
      I am pleased you are enjoying it.
      Your five months in France certainly sounded wonderful – Nice is such a beautiful place.
      I hope you will find the posts interesting over the coming months, as I am currently writing my first novel which is based around my experiences of life here in “La France Profonde”
      If you are on Facebook, maybe you could take the time to like my page there too?

      Here’s the link.
      Kind regards

  2. Despite the context, this is such a beautiful turn of phrase Helen “the film of grease laid down over on the pans sitting atop the Aga after months of stolid rib sticking cooking.” Beautifully written. I struggle equally in winter too.

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