What Weather!

Having just returned from a wonderful lunch at Le Logis de Pompois, I am feeling very satisfied all round.
In fact, life couldn’t get much better.
I do have one small complaint though – why, oh why is the weather so bad?
It is the 6th April today, and the temperature is hovering around the 5 degree mark – hardly what one might call the seasonal norm you might say.
Sadly, complaints of this nature have no destinaire as they say in France – no-one to whom you can vent your spleen and have a good old moan.
After all, there is nothing like getting it out there, all that pent-up anger and frustration when yet another grey day dawns.
All we have to fall back on is the good old British sense of optimism when it comes to bad weather:
Tomorrow is another day, and there is always the possibility that the sun will shine and the rain will stop.
I guess I’ll just have to settle with that, and toss another log onto the fire.

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