The Winter Blues

As Winter starts to take a real grip, I, like countless others suffer from S.A.D.(Seasonal Affective Disorder)
I refer to the months of December, January and February as “The Dark Time”, and not a lot seems to lift my mood.
Kindly friends and relatives suggest I invest in a light box, but I feel I could sit in a room full of them and it would make little difference to my frame of mind.
There is, however, a little light at the end of the tunnel……….
I consider the Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year, to be a real turning point.
After the 21st December, the days start to draw out, and according to one of my extremely dodgy sources, the sun starts to set later by two minutes per day – equating to around a quarter of an hour. That’s something to celebrate in my book, as already the light stays around, albeit faint, to around 6pm. That will do nicely thanks.
That has to be one big plus of life in rural France doesn’t it?
There are those who argue that it takes longer to get light in the mornings – to them I say
“Have a grasse matinéé!
Anyway,here are a few more of my thoughts on keeping your spirits up during the colder months.

2 thoughts on “The Winter Blues

  1. I suffer from the same thing. i was begining to feel releived when you mentioned the longer days from 21 december but I am also suffering from the dark mornings (which are worse in france than in the uk.) Sadly (which befits my condition) I have to be up before 7 for the kids. It is really hard! Keep going ‘compatriot in SAD’

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