A Bit Of Upcycling.

To the untrained eye, this may seem like a curtain.
In fact it’s a length of vintage Laura Ashley fabric with a tassel artfully draped around it – in short, it is masquerading as a curtain.
Frivolity to one side, I snatched this lovely piece of vintage cloth as it has an earthy oatmeal relief to the red check, as opposed to a glaring white that so often turns pink with dubious laundering.
Anyway, it has today been made into a “hide-all” for my daughter’s utility room, using the ubiquitous curtain wire and hooks, and my faithful old sewing machine which has had a recent service – and still going strong after 30 years’ service.
I have a bit left so there is plenty for another smaller curtain to go next to the sink unit (hiding the carrier bags) plus 6 good-sized serviettes.
I seriously question if you could get all three items made in a quality cloth for the mere £26 I paid for this piece.
I doubt it.

3 thoughts on “A Bit Of Upcycling.

  1. looking good Helen! Has Holly got her own place now then? And yes, it is precisely the same as Carys’ wedding table cloths….. how nice it is that she’s taken up the making mantle!!….

  2. I enjoy delving into my cupboards where i have stockerd various taff up over a number of years, you can always find something to use for something that it wasnt 🙂 Love the curtains.

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