Starting back to work this afternoon after the Easter Break. Teaching English in industry has taught me so much about my French neighbours.

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My “about” page on here says that I wear many hats – no understatement I might add.
One of them is that of a teacher.
In a former life I taught Spanish at the University of Wales, and somehow that has morphed into teaching English here for the local Chambre de Commerce. I even get to teach the odd hour or two of Spanish from time to time as well.

I have been doing this for about three years now, and whilst on a (very) part-time basis, it is something that I enjoy very much.
My reasons are simple:
Firstly it allows me to further my understanding of how things work in our area and in France in general.
Secondly, each and every one of my students has been an absolute delight to teach.
It is through them that I have come to appreciate the gentle nuances of French Country…

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  1. continued: for a week. can you recommend if east of Poitiers is more exciting than west. I have heard about La Roche Posay and Angeles sur L’Anglin. Are there equally gorgeous places west (gorges, canoing, pretty villages, river beaches) If you are near Thouars you may be in the know?

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