Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

I am a great fan of the Steve Martin and John Candy film above.
At least, I used to be.
Now I live in France, my life has become an echo of the film.
My husband works in Germany (at least for the moment) and has to use all three modes of transport to travel to and from Berlin.
A few minutes ago, he burst into the kitchen holding his flight itinerary, declaring that he had booked an earlier flight, but forgotten.
Bless him.
A quick maths tutorial revealed we could not get him to Angers train station in time for the train he has not yet booked, cross Paris, to get the flight.
We are working the problem people………….
Meanwhile, let’s watch a clip from the film.

2 thoughts on “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

  1. Haddock, you are out of control today!!! So many posts in one day!!
    Loved this post! Did you know you can get the video to screen directly on your home (post) page. On the Youtube video page – click partager(share), then integrer (embed), and copy and past the HTML code from the box. Back on the wordpress edit post page click the html button and paste the code into your post. Turn it back to visual and check it works on preview. You should get the black youtube screen ready to start playing on your post page. I learned that today for my own post – neat trick!
    I guess he didn’t make the flight them. Just like my husband flying out to Nigeria, He read the flight time as 0800 hrs instead of 0600hrs. oops!

    • Indeed I am! I do have a rather erratic approach to writing, but I intend to try and even things out from here on it. That’s a promise! Please keep reading and do spread the word to any of your friends who have a Kindle that Haddock In The Kitchen is now availible to download on there.

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