I just love this little nugget I saw recently on Facebook!

Helen Aurelius Haddock - A Writer's Blog.

I saw this little insightful nugget when trawling through Facebook yesterday, and it really made me smile.
I reflected whether we all tend to talk up our lives through our social networks,and why?
We are now exposing ourselves to hundreds, if not thousands of people we would never have “met” before the social networking boom and that brings a certain requirement to keep up appearances, even if it is at a subconscious level.

As the eldest of four, I have vivid memories of appearances being altered when visitors called.
On hearing a car pulling up outside the house, my mother, peering through our front room window would announce the arrival of an entourage of family members.
Together we would skate around the house, plumping cushions, running the Hoover around, wiping a few straggling dishes on the drainer and hurling all signs of floor debris – toys, newspapers, books, – into…

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