As at the time of writing, I am doing the rounds to local employment agencies, as my daughter ever lives in denial that she will once again be picking apples in our local orchard!

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At this time of year there are a number of seasonal fruit growers in France who are looking to take on temporary staff. Most notably in my area, the Deux Sevres are the melon and apple producer Rouge Gorge.
They have orchards in La Chapelle Gaudin and melon fields in and around Taize, plus many other locations.
Language (or lack of it) can create a real barrier when looking for work, but applying for work in this sector is very simple. There are three places to obtain the necessary forms.
1. Your local Pole Emploi offices (Bressuire and Thouars in the Northern Deux Sevres)

2. Mairies where the fields and orchards are located.They may not have forms, but will have leaflets with the necessary details.

3. The site offices in the orchards and fields themselves.

In addition to this, your local Pole Emploi offices will supply you with a very…

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