When Did You Decide To Move To France?

I would imagine that all of us have been asked, at one time or another about our reasons for moving to France.
The question is generally fired in our direction by French neighbours and friends who perhaps regard us with a bit of cautious curiosity.
However, can anyone remember WHEN you decided to move and WHERE you were at the time?

I distinctly remember where I was and the occasion.

I was on my honeymoon in April 1990 with my husband Nick. (obviously!)
We were staying over in Le Mans en route to Barcelona.
We had just been to one of our favourite restaurants there called Le Grenier A Sel, and were taking a stroll along the banks of the river Sarthe.

We found a cosy bench, and sat down overlooking the river and let the water and time pass slowly.
As ever, we talked about our love of France, and how happy we were to be back there.
Suddenly, out of the blue, my husband said to me:

“Promise me that we will move here one day”

Twenty one years on, it’s good to know that we kept one of our first promises as husband and wife.

So, what about you? When was your deciding moment?

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