Indian Summer, but Autumn Is Just Around The Corner.

I have just been looking on Facebook, and it seems that so many of my contacts in France are anticipating that this wonderful Indian Summer will be drawing to a close by the end of the week.
Ironically here in Spain, the temperature has gone up, and yet the wind, which up to now has been very warm has cooled, and the sea is much less choppy than it has been.
Either way, it is comforting to have some warm days before the “Dark Time” arrives, as it’s known in the Haddock household.
I love the change of seasons- I look forward to lighting my word burner, switching on my Aga and cooking on it, staying in contact with all those who I have got to know through Survive France, Ladies In France Together and of course, Facebook

There will be plenty to read during the longer evenings, with The Poitou Charentes Journal from Rachel and Kathryn, The Deux Sevres Monthly, from Sarah Berry, This French Life from Craig McGinty plus loads of well thumbed books and the odd DVD from Paperback Jan, who tirelessly drives around the countryside, supplying us all with something to need.

Yes, I think that Autumn is going to be a good time too.

3 thoughts on “Indian Summer, but Autumn Is Just Around The Corner.

  1. We have had a lovely Indian summer here in France, I have been cooking with my windows open again today, its lovely to see the window open and the breeze wafting the lace rideaux over the windows to keep the fly’s out!, yes fly’s in November.. Happy Cooking. Yes I also love your kitchen, what a good idea to put the jars on the dresser, Mine is stuffed with Mason Ironstone ware plates, that I never dare use!

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