Stirred But Not Shaken – Keith Floyd

I have just finished reading Keith Floyd’s autobiography Shaken,But Not Stirred.
It was a fine read, and although ghost written, was an honest reflection of the infamous TV chef’s life.
Towards his later years, he spent time living in Spain, not a million miles away from where we are on holiday, and he talks about one or two places, which I wanted to try.
The first was the Roman Oasis, owned by a friend of his, and I quickly found it on line yesterday. I telephoned, but was greeted with a very polite English male voice:

“Oh sorry darling, last night was the last of the season – we had a 150 people here, and we had a real BEANO of a time!”
Suffice to say, we didn’t get there, but on further inspection, I noted that they did indeed serve baked beans on toast, along with other British delights, hence his description of a good time being a “beano” . My experience of the word is confined to the children’s comic, of which I am still a fan.
It would have been pleasant to follow a great foodie’s tracks, but this time it seems, it was not to be.
It has left me wondering though, that perhaps even the great Keith Floyd missed a taste of home, and that is why he went.

One thought on “Stirred But Not Shaken – Keith Floyd

  1. Came across this looking for reviews of Stirred not Shaken as I’m in two minds whether to buy it – given that it was ghostwritten and I fear it wouldn’t give off the typical style and charm he had on TV, but this is encouraging.

    I think it was Pritchard who said once that even after whole days of lobster and foie gras, Keith always made sure to have baked beans in his suitcase somewhere. Honest food to the t.

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