Simple Salmon Supper.

Last night none of us felt we could face another meat based meal, so we went for the fish option.
This is one of my standby recipes that really does take half an hour (Sorry Jamie Oliver)
If you are a pasta fan, then this is one to try.
Serves 2.

200G smoked salmon, cut into small dice
4 generous tablespoons of crème fraiche
100ml of fish or vegetable stock
A generous slosh of white wine or dry sherry
2 shallots, cut into small dice.

1.Pasta of your choice, cooked as per packet instructions and drained.
2. Wedges of lemon

1.Place, shallots, wine or sherry and stock into a pan.
2. Bring to the boil and reduce the mixture by two thirds – it will thicken slightly.
3. Cool for a few moments and add the crème fraiche spoon by spoon and mix into the sauce.
4. Add the smoked salmon.
5. Gently reheat the sauce before turning the pasta into the sauce and mixing it through.
6. Serve with the wedges of lemon.

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