.More Conserves Maison – Chilli Jam

I am keeping to my word and getting rid of my large freezer. I have spent far too long storing and forgetting the food that gets put in there.
I have steadily emptied it over the last few months and have just a few things left to use up. – one of which is three kilos of chopped tomatoes that I put in there when the tomato gifts started to come in and I wasn’t able to keep up with production of the numerous tomato based dishes I am wont to concoct.
With this batch I am going to make some tomato and chilli jam. A family favourite, it is so quick to make and does not really need to be kept for months for the flavour to improve.
I keep it in the fridge as it rarely stays around long enough for it to warrant a paraffin wax seal.

2 small de-seeded red chillis
500g tomatoes
2 cloves garlic – crushed and chopped.
1 teaspoon powdered ginger.
1 teaspoon salt
200g brown sugar – the darker the better.
40 ml cider vinegar
20 ml balsamic vinegar

Roughly chop the tomatoes.
Finely slice and de-seed the chilli.
Put everything into a deep heavy based pan.
Slowly bring to a gentle boil and reduce the mixture down by a third.
Cool and put into jars.
Store in the fridge.

2 thoughts on “.More Conserves Maison – Chilli Jam

  1. I used medium, as it is a subtle “spike” that I was going for. Scotch bonnets and their strong relations really would overpower the jam, and mild chillis are just not enough to get the right flavour. Hope that helps.

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