Orchards In The Oasis. – Josceline Dimbleby

It is always exciting to see a seasoned food writer bring out another book.
Josceline Dimbleby is bringing out her latest gem early this autumn called Orchards In The Oasis.
It will be a memoir of her travel experiences throughout her life and the food influences she has assimilated in her unique cooking style over the years.
More excitingly Josceline I am meeting Josceline at the Abergaveny Food Festival to talk about her new book.
I have yet to receive my advance copy, but as soon as I do, I will be cooking my way through it and posting a review here to entice others to do the same.
In the meantime, I shall content myself with flicking wistfully through her other books that hold have pride of place in my collection.
Here is a piece I wrote last year for Flavour Magazine. Please click on the PDF on the following page to open.
Orchards in the Oasis: Travels, Food and Memories

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