The New Complete Vegetarian. Rose Elliot.

My first ever article in print was about the vegetarian supremo, Rose Elliot.
This is what I said about her.Please click on the PDF link on the next page to open.

She has however, republished one of her classic books printed more than 25 years ago. Here is the review.
It is rare these days to get two bites of the culinary cherry. Good things in Food Land can sometimes be fleetingly quick – consumed and forgotten. So, when the opportunity does arise, it should be grabbed with both hands.

Rose has completely revised this legendary standard and it has been republished.

She has endeavoured to cut out the more dated offerings, recognising that tastes move on and that we now have a massively increased range of ingredients that we can avail ourselves of three hundred and sixty five days a year. She has replaced them with an array of vibrant offerings to tempt even the meat eaters among us to tuck in.

Not losing sight of the fact that this feature is here to highlight a book’s longevity and its right to adorn pride of place on the kitchen bookshelf, it is worth delving into to the ivory pages spattered with discreet shots of mouthwatering offerings to see what it’s about.

Vegetarianism is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and more and more of us are adhering to the regime of having at least one meat free day per week. Some of us just fancy something veggie from time to time.

Ever an exponent of having the right tools for the job, this is a custom built five star cookbook for the job. Literally, there is something in there for everyone.

For the quick after work suppers, there is an array of pasta and grain based dishes. From Penne With Asparagus and Morels, to Bulgar Wheat and Feta Cheese Pilaf, so many of the dishes can be almost thrown together while attending to the thousand and one early evening tasks in a working home.

There is plenty of advice too. Each chapter is introduced with an explanation of the more unusual ingredients – amaranth, hemp seeds and edamame beans to name but a few. Their introduction into each carefully written recipe then becomes seamless, allowing the novice to acquire a repertoire of accessible and tasty dishes.

For the summer days yet to come there is a colourful array of salads to be enjoyed alone or even, dare I say alongside a lazy summer barbecue on balmy evenings. Cabbage Salad with Mint and Pomegranate, Salata and the ubiquitous Tabbouleh rank amongst my favourites to date, although many summers will come and go before I could work my way through the huge selection.

Strangely, here is still an all pervading mystique surrounding anything made with nuts and pulses, the former being reserved for Christmas stockings and the latter served in a tomato sauce from a can.
It is here that Rose comes into her own. She unfolds before our very eyes that a Croustade of Mushrooms or a Lentil Croquette is startlingly simple. More than that it tastes fabulous too.
Page after page unfurls the methods used to prepare both nuts and beans so that the end result is a highly nutritious meal.
Finally, it must be said that there has been an exacting effort to ensure the recipes are clear, easy to follow and most of all turn out as they should. Much of the time with minimum effort. So many books today fall very short of this high benchmark, and bad recipes have been a criticism levelled at some of the mainstream celebrity chefs and their books.

So, if you want to try out vegetarian cooking for the first time or want to revisit it after your student days long since past, here is a true treasure trove that will endure another twenty five years or even longer.
For more information on the book, click below.
Rose Elliot’s New Complete Vegetarian

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