A Trip to Northern Spain

2. Andorra to Casteldefells.
It’s amazing how a good nights’ sleep will harden one’s resolve to indulge in a little light retail therapy.
Although we had both decided that there was nothing either of us required, a leisurely breakfast has convinced us both otherwise.
The hotel is situated very close to the shops so we set off for a stroll in the bright sunshine, wondering why it was so glacially chilly.
I was surprised to see how quiet things were in the main shopping precinct. There are usually pedestrian policeman with shrill whistles directing hapless shoppers across the roads in the vain attempt to prevent premature death – the roads of Andorra seem to be perennially jammed with agitated motorists.
However, there were no such guardians of safety to be seen, and the traffic was unusually docile. I surmised that perhaps we had arrived between seasons, with the ski season coming to an end, and the early summer business yet to garner momentum.
Taking advantage of the relative calm, we strolled around the shops and within an hour had netted the following hoard: A chain for my sunglasses,some after shave, a bottle of Moscatel vinegar and a pair of Ray bans for Nick. Feeling that less is the new more, we headed back to the car and carried on towards Spain.
I love the drive through the mountains, as it provides such a stark contrast to where we live in France, where even the most undulating of hills are a rarity.
We stopped to take a few photos of a stunning topaz coloured reservoir and pressed on to get to our next pit stop.
The delights of on line booking are many, and speed and efficiency have to be right up there. We were installed in apartment 3105 within ten minutes of pulling up at the front door. (To be continued…….)

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