Good Friday – Is it?

There are two things that I feel grateful for this morning.
Firstly, that my Aga is still switched on and secondly that I don’t work for the French Tourist Board.
I can’t think of a single thing that would induce anyone to be in La Belle France at the moment.
Everything seems to have regressed into winter mode – chairs and tables are stacked up and awnings are drawn back at pavement cafés, and the wonderful market at Thouars stands shivering on the Place Lavault.
The weather, to put it mildly, is dreadful. It is raining, cats and dogs, a cántaros, en cordes or far too much, whatever your linguistic persuasion may be.
The wind is howling and yet again I am planning strategic trips to the summer kitchen in order to bring in wood for the fire or supplies to use during the day.
I wince at the thought that I have promised to take our Russian visitors to the zoo at Doué la Fontaine FOR A PICNIC on Sunday, and reflect as to whether to go instead to the cellars at Gratien and Meyer in Saumur, where at least the liquid around us will be pouring down our throats rather than on our heads.
I know that it’s not much better in the UK and snow and bad weather reign there too.
So, what to do?
Stay indoors I say.
I am going to a book sale at the Café des Arts in Thouars this afternoon, which should be fun – and dry.
A chance to chat to fellow countrymen and catch up on a bit of gossip over a coffee and a glass of wine.
And then later to get together with friends.
So, all is not lost, and the day looks brighter already despite the weather………

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