Spring Has Arrived (At Long Last!)

It seems that my recent indignation over the weather has paid off. Spring was , after all just around the corner.

Clear skies, warm sun and a gentle breeze. Flowers and buds exude a vibrancy after their extended winter siesta.It’s a day where everything feels pretty much ideal in every way.

Always a downside though.

Spring brings desire to dust the murky, neglected corners of the house and clean everything that doesn’t move – including my husband who is affectionately known as “The Ornament” by the children.

That’s the fun bit.

On a darker note, this time of year sees me pulling my hair out with preparing accounts for our business – a modest affair, but my paperwork skills are at best, shaky,thereby making the job seem like filing a tax return for Lester Pigott.
Let me explain.

Filing is a word strictly applicable to fingernails in my lexicon,as I favour alternative methods.When it comes to the threatening phone calls from our accountant who has long since cast aside any polite form of persuasion to entice me to co-operate and provide him with the usual financial information, the “plastic crate” system comes into force.
For those unaware of this specialised version of office management please take a moment or two to pick up a few tips here.It is a trusted method used for over a decade.

1. Take some brightly coloured plastic boxes.

2. Throw in with gay abandon any piece of paper that falls into the “must not throw away” category – exclude sweet wrappers if possible.

3. Invite husband to add receipts into said box on a weekly basis – ask him to screw them up as tightly possible, thereby decreasing any possibility of ever reading them.

4. Fill to brim – leave for one year.

5. Fill subsequent boxes (ad lib).

6. At the very last minute, frantically sort through boxes and attempt to order this melange into something your accountant will understand.

They say old habits die hard don’t they?

2 thoughts on “Spring Has Arrived (At Long Last!)

  1. we’re slightly more organised have a plastic filing draw system… 12 draws, so we fire in every bit of paper in the relevant month… I’m now opening gingerly the 1st draw!!

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