Where has Spring Gone?

I feel cheated.
Having moved over to the Poitou Charentes, I assumed that the early days of March would become mild, longer and warmer. WRONG!
I distinctly remember a trip a few years ago to the delightful zoo at Doue La Fontaine, with my husband and daughter, and we ate lunch outdoors – the only thing I have done outdoors this weekend is make mad dashes to the summer kitchen where I have squirrelled a wheelbarrow of extra logs for the fire that hasn’t been out for about three days.
I hear tales of storms hitting the Iberian peninsular (Spain for the non geography students among us), and wondered if we were getting a backlash. Not so, according to husband, who is a part -time armchair weather expert. (It’s amazing what he does with the piece of seaweed and pine cones on his table next to where he sits).
Apparently this wind is coming from the other direction.
So, last week’s winds were the hurricane force ones that whipped of the slates of the ecuries and coach house. This wind, is just downright cold.
We are promised below freezing temperatures at night this week, and single figure temperatures by day with “wind chill factors” to consider.
What a pain. Must dig out winter clothes and crawl back into them.( Perhaps will consider straw and a large cardboard box next winter if the forecast is similarly dubious)

2 thoughts on “Where has Spring Gone?

  1. It’s been quite mild here in UK today Helen, I even cut the grass this evening. But we have rain forecast for the weekend. We will try and bring some warmer weather with us….

  2. Not a weather expert but wind from the west at on lattitude will be wind from the East at another, particularly if stormy. Cyclones or anti-cyclones, but can’t remember which is which – one rotates round high pressure and the other around a low!! (See adverts for Dyson!! for explanation of swirly wind thing…. )

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