Supper For A Song – Tamasin Day Lewis.

Published by Quadrille. (2009)
I look forward to browsing books from authors who are absent from my extensive library. Tamasin Day Lewis is one such food writer, so the chance to review her book was an attractive prospect.
I need to come clean here. I filched the book from my daughter and used the five hundred miles that we live apart as an excuse not to return it, quoting that age-old chestnut about possession being nine tenths of the law.
It has since disappeared twice from my desk, as both my mother and sister have borrowed it and enthused about its contents, basing their desire not to return it promptly on the fact they were both cooking from it at the same time. It was somewhat reminiscent of sharing a hymn book at Sunday School.
Levity to one side, I was slightly wary because of the title. Thrift, economy, frugal, cheap, and even austerity are emblazoned on some of my collection. I didn’t really want the wheel re-invented yet again.
I should have known better.
She has prepared a feast for us to gaze upon in awe, whilst keeping to no nonsense ingredients, savvy shopping and spending a bit of time in the kitchen.
It doesn’t seem so long ago that Mrs Smith had us running to the supermarket buying every convenience food on offer. Tamasin bypasses this unnecessary step and focuses on good quality ingredients and fail safe recipes for us to follow.
Yes, she does does talk about buying in season, but when you see her fabulous White Chocolate and Raspberry Truffles, the well chewed mantra makes so much sense. Food is cheaper when there’s a lot of it around, and you get something really special from your cooking efforts.
It is all too easy to talk superlatives about a cook book you appreciate,but I will quote my Mum who very succinctly reviewed the book.
“I am going to buy my own copy, as I want to cook everything in there”. Praise indeed from someone who has been around the culinary block once or twice.’
An excellent buy, with pearls of wisdom on every page, and damn fine tucker to boot!
Supper for a Song

5 thoughts on “Supper For A Song – Tamasin Day Lewis.

  1. The cover on this book alone looks wonderful. I enjoy watching her programmes on tv and love her recipes. I often wonder why I keep buying new recipe books when I have a pretty huge collection already?! However ……….. Amazon here I come!
    Kindest regards, Shirley I.

  2. I haven’t seen many/any of Tamasin’s books in Australia, and I must agree with Shirley. Amazon here I come it may be the only way I can get it. I do enjoy watching her no nonsense attitude and committment to organic produce. Can you tell me does the book include any suppliers lists?

  3. Tamasin was kind enough to respond to this article on Facebook. Here is what she said.
    Thanks for your kind words Helen. I, too, am under no illusions about the emperor’s new clothes or the horror of the words ‘thrift’ and ‘economy’ when food is all about generosity and bounty. I feel that people can save what it costs them to buy S4AS in one week by reading the advice within and cooking from it!

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