The Vegetable Plot

Above is the eclectic mix of tomatoes I grew in my veggie patch last year.
Sadly, my back has decided to be uncooperative on the gardening front, and this year has seen the plot lie fallow – it’s just too hard at the moment. I have to content myself with the fruit tree produce – cherries, apples, pears and plums, not forgetting the copious vines hanging with sweet table grapes.
I plan to get my preserving hat on in the next few days and make sauces and chutneys galore. My first one will be a Chinese style plum sauce from Preserved by Johnny Acton and Nick Sandler, closely followed by Hugh Fearnley WHittingstalls Plum Jampote from The River Cottage Year.
In the absence of any vegetables in the garden, I have graciously allowed friends, family and neighbours to make as many donations as they please. They have risen to the offer most generously.
I was recently visiting Riverford Farm where I met with Vitha Shepard to do an article on them for next month’s Flavour Magazine
I had a wonderful time and was staggered by the vegetables on offer for lunch in their Field Kitchen. There were no less than five vegetable dishes, each of them being delicious and uber-healthy.
Jane Baxter has done a first class job there, and the full tables on a Monday lunchtime were testament to that.
I was thrilled to be given a copy of Jane and Guy Watson’s award winning book, The Riverford Farm Cook Book
I have been hungrily pawing my way through it and plan to have a go at reducing the family’s meat intake from early September.
I think it’s healthier and I am quite drawn to the ethos behind Meat Free Mondays
Vegetarian cuisine can be rather labour intensive, so I have been busy planning menus and stocking the larder accordingly – meat stocks are very low in the freezer, so I can stock it back up with cooked veggie dishes for busy after school nights.
I have struck a deal with my mother and we intend to double up on our vegetarian cooking and do a weekly swap in order to have more choices of dishes to eat.
Sounds like a plan. I’ll let you k now how it pans out. Meanwhile back to the Riverford Cook Book for ideas………

2 thoughts on “The Vegetable Plot

  1. I’ll be watching your vegetarian progress carefully. Currently, like Meatfree Mondays I’ve been trying to have one completely vegetarian meal a week . I’d like to up this to two, and eventually three, but you’re right, it is more labour intensive.

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