Meeting Mat Follas – Masterchef 2009.

I was in the UK last week on a whistle stop visit to friends and family.
Unusually, I was working as well. I was assigned by my daughter (AKA Editor in Chief of Flavour Magazine) to interview Mat Follas, winner of this year’s Masterchef competition.
I was delighted to meet him, and was impressed by the calm and unruffled manner he was displaying whilst getting his new restaurant, the Wild Garlic up and running.
The article itself will be out in a few weeks, so I will not elaborate here as to the content of our discussion.
Suffice to say I wish him well for his launch tomorrow evening.
Mat is currently blogging for the Guardian Word of Mouth Blog, although it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World how he finds time to do it.
I feel, like our Star Trek friends, he has learned to fold Space and create the 36 hour day.
Note to self: E mail Mat to find out if indeed a 48 hour day is similarly possible

2 thoughts on “Meeting Mat Follas – Masterchef 2009.

  1. Great post Helen, and lucky you to get to interview Mat – I look forward to reading that!
    Looks like he has a nice place opening there – well done Mat!

  2. …and he knows how to lead a bull by the nose.

    Looking forward to reading the article and finding out how (if) Mat went from farmer to chef…

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