The UK Foodbloggers Association – Monday 8th June 2009

For all those interested parties out there, the excavation of the summer kitchen has been completed.
It is now possible to get past the first metre of the room.
Equipment has been gathered, the fridge has been stocked, and excess debris has been cleared. We’re ready for business.
I am attempting to overlook the fact that it is pouring with rain today, it blew a gale yesterday, and there is no let up in the weather until at least Wednesday.
I have also switched the central heating on.
Anyway, on to brighter things…………………….
I have recently joined the UK Food Bloggers Association on their new web site.
I don’t know if I should say it’s Facebook for foodies, as some may recoil in horror.
So I won’t
Instead suffice to say it is a superb site with lots of interaction and a membership in excess of 300.
Friends of foodies, food lovers and ex pats like myself are all welcome to join.
It’s user friendly (especially for those like myself who are IT impaired), newsy and is well on its way to becoming at the epicentre of the UK food scene.
Take a look and join.

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