Shattering The Myth. Thursday 4th June 2009.

Over the literary years, I feel it has become the accepted fashion to romanticise life in Rural France: The grape harvest, long leisurely meals under shady boughs, cooking from armfuls of produce from a lovingly tended garden, wine with friends……………..oh you get the picture.
Well, wake up people! Lets get a sense of reality here.
Life goes on, and the day to day trivia is alive and well, and expecting your fullest attention.
Take today’s job list for example:
1. Visit accountant to check tax return for on line submission (can’t wait)
2. Take cat to vets. (if I can catch him)
3. Change the beds. (and iron the sheets from ironing mountain hiding in summer kitchen)
4. Food shopping (to include toilet roll and bin bags).
5. Water the lawn twice (plus grapple with ancient well pump that works to rule)
6. Take the recycling down to communal depository. (Why does it smell so much when you have washed it all?)
I have left out the housework, the washing, and the shovelling out of the bomb zone that is my daughter’s bedroom.
So, sunshine apart, there’s not a lot to excite here today.
Except maybe picking up my husband from the airport, (back home after three long weeks away) a dip in our family swimming pool. a few early evening drinks with my sister and her family, picking some cherries to eat for tea, watching the sun go down…………………’s a hard life.

5 thoughts on “Shattering The Myth. Thursday 4th June 2009.

  1. The warmth and pool sounds good – and of course the food. For me, how I experience a place seems to depend utterly on my mood. What subjective creatures we are! Or maybe it is as the Buddhists say: our minds create our external reality.

  2. Correction to above comment. More accurate to say say: “my emotional state” rather than “my mood”. (Shame I can’t edit my own comments!)

  3. How true Helen, my idyllic life in France today consists of; being here without hubbie who is working in UK, desperately trying to keep on top of the mountain of cherries to be picked, stoned, frozen or bottled, find time to weed enough space to plant out chillies, take son (aged 9) to have some x-rays, then on to an orthodontist appointment, then off to his music lesson – about a 100 km round trip. Then if there is time this evening a spot of moonlit ironing I think!

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