Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, Gorse Wine And Other Delights

Let me dispense with the formalities. I love Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. He is one of the few people with a stranger surname than mine, and he inspires me at many levels.
Amongst our female family members, he is affectionately referred to as “St Hugh of Whittingstall” – If you are reading this Hugh, please take this as the most sincere of compliments.
Frivolity to one side, he seems to have effortlessly captured the essence of the British desire to “grow their own” with the inspired LANDSHARE scheme. This is one of many initiatives to afford people to grow their own produce who would not ordinarily be able to do so.The Church of England and the National Trust are helping to facilitate this need.
I was fortunate enough to acquire a portion of railway embankment by “enclosing” it along with my neighbours many years ago. It cost us nothing and was encouraged by British Rail – It was almost a gentleman’s agreement. How very British.
As I now own a very generously sized garden, it is easy to overlook the fact that so many people have nothing. Growing your own is such an uplifting experience and is enjoyed by all ages – The scenes in tonight’s programme of the family groups getting stuck in on their new veggie plots accents the positive of this scheme. It provides, unites and educates. Well done Hugh!
To read about Hugh’s new book Everyday click here.

3 thoughts on “Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, Gorse Wine And Other Delights

  1. I think Hugh has a house on the Loire some where. He was once on our Ryanair flight to Tours, he was travelling light.
    I don’t think many people recognised him that day. May be different these days.
    Like wise like his programmes on TV

  2. I also love Hugh – though I think he may go slightly over the top with his puns! I thoroughly enjoyed the start of his new series on tv last night, and am looking forward to trying out one or two of his recipes. I love his presentation-style and also enjoy the other people he includes in the programmes – particularly his co-chef.

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