Theft Alert In The Poitou Charentes – Someone has stolen the Sun! Thursday 28th May 2009

I tumbled out of bed in the early hours and fumbled around closing all the windows. No easy feat wandering about over three floors with eyes glued shut.
There was a chilly breeze edging its way under the duvet and the ambient temperature was decidedly uncomfortable.
When I came downstairs this morning, I wistfully ran my hand over my very cold Aga and toyed with the idea of switching it back on.
So, own up who’s taken it? – Scotland, Iceland, Russia?…………’ve got until midday to turn it back over to us in France. We’ve got wine to grow, and barbecues to organise – and I simply refuse to drag those wooden steamer chairs back into the barn if it rains. They weigh a ton! Clock’s ticking, midday’s the deadline. Actually, make that 2,30. Just remembered the local gendarmerie shuts for lunch…………………

One thought on “Theft Alert In The Poitou Charentes – Someone has stolen the Sun! Thursday 28th May 2009

  1. Helen, I have so much to thank you for, I do not know where to start.

    First – nice bit of writing here. I like, I like. Is the cold unseasonable? Can we blame climate change?

    Second THANK YOU for that great write-up in Flavour. I loved the way you described me and I TREASURE the description: “Follow Elisabeth and you will be entertained, informed and enlightened.” O JOY – I think I will keep those words as my ‘brand values’ !!

    Third: I have just found out I am shortlisted for the Guild of Food Writers Awards for my food blog! Huge thank you for helping me choose the blogs to send off, and your heartfelt support.


    Love Elisabeth XXX

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