Greg Wallace A Chef? – Surely Not!

I caught an interview this morning with Greg Wallace on BBC Breakfast.
He was talking as ever about his passion for seasonal produce.

I like to hear someone talk who knows their onions, and he does.
However, I noticed as he appeared on the screen the caption “Greg Wallace – Chef” appeared.
.How curious.
He is referred to as an ingredients expert on Master Chef, and for the record, I think that is what he is.
As the programme is a BBC production, one would think they would know that, but evidently not.

Anyway, minutiae aside, he gave an interesting interview about the added quality of seasonal produce, and championed the French, Spanish and Italians as examples of seasonal eaters. He then questioned why we ooze enthusiasm about it when holidaying in those countries, and yet according to a recent survey, only about 11% of us are seasonal eaters. Price is still the greatest benchmark for food purchasing it seems.
He went on to say that he thought that as this was the current running baton of all the “top end chefs” seasonal eating would inevitably filter down to those further down the foodie chain (my words, not his).
I disagree.

I passionately believe that those who buy food driven by price point do not do it for some great moral purpose. They do it because that’s all they can afford

It may be an unpalatable thought, but some of our fellow citizens do not eat the biggest and juiciest bunches of asparagus off the veg section at Waitrose or their local organic farmer’s market. They are calculating how many meals they can buy with the limited amount of cash they have. This is the case in France too. I see it every time I go shopping.

Cheap food is not always the most nutritious and very often a quick option for busy working people.
My parents were both poor and keen cooks at the same time. We ate as well as we could afford, and admittedly there were some top notch eats when the casseroles and cookbooks came out.
. We also ate loads of fish fingers, cheap burgers and budget fillers. With six around the table its what you have to do sometimes. You eat it and it fills you up.
Sorry to disappoint Hugh and Jamie on this point.

One last thing.
Mr. Wallace does a veggie delivery service. He cites the Great and the Good as his customers.Call me a cynic, but I can’t help feeling the “buy seasonal” thing is a bit too trendy, and just a teeny bit , how can I say ………….gimmicky?

6 thoughts on “Greg Wallace A Chef? – Surely Not!

  1. Greg Wallace when presenting alongside John Torode, comes across a very nice chap who knows his onions and his puddings, and he leaves the culinary aspects of criticism to his learned colleague – that program works very well. But in Professional Masterchef, he needs to shut up – Michel Roux discusses food the way Michael Angelo might critique a painting – to then hear Greg effectively repeat what Michel has said, is just embarrassing. Greg cannot win in this scenario, and if he is under instruction from a director or producer, then he is being badly advised – if not, he is an idiot.

    Greg, stick to discussing raw veg and orgasmic groaning at the occasional desert, please do not attempt to suggest you know anything about fine dining beyond that.

  2. No Greg Wallace is not a chef!! he dealt in wholesale fruit & vegetables in London before TV fame, speaking as a chef who trained across London in top kitchens it boils my blood to think he is judging peoples cooking skills, how dare he!!

  3. Greg Wallace clearly blags it on Masterchef, but gets away with it thanks to the good chemistry with John Torode . However, on Professional Masterchef, it’s just so funny to watch Greg wait for Michel Roux Jnr.’s judgements …… and then repeat them !! Great fun.

  4. Amazing to hear this man, whom I refer to as “potato head” when watching him in the comfort of my home, actually portraying to all those who watch the programmes, that he knows everything that these chefs´are supposed to be preparing. It´s so sickening that he purports to know everything and at times, acts like a Regimental Sgt Major, trying to take control of all before him. What is the matter with the BBC, when they take someone who may know something of the art but not the actual outcome ? I expect to see him physically crawl up the backside of the famous and wonderful Michel Roux Jnr at some future programme. Ask him to cook before our eyes – but make sure it is LIVE, otherwise no one will believe the outcome.

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