The Blog Spot.

5 Holly Aurelius-Haddock
Mothers know best – or at least they used to.
I recently came up with the idea for featuring a food blogger every month for Flavour Magazine. I came up with the jaunty little title of “Blogger’s Corner”. Neat.
However, I am slowly learning that having a daughter at the helm as editor she does always have the final word.
Needless to say her title of The Blog Spot is much better. She knows it, I know it, and now everyone who reads this will know it.
Perhaps the expression should read “Daughters know best”
Anyway, here’s the article. Enjoy

The Blog Spot.

One thought on “The Blog Spot.

  1. Bloggers Corner was Great and so is The Blog Spot……but yes I have to say it is slighty better. But you must be really proud Helen – your daughter is clearly a very tallented girl!
    Well done both of you x

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