How do you write a book?- Tuesday 19th May 2009

As I don’t have J. K. Rowling’s e mail address, I guess I will have to answer the question myself. Unless some kind reader can throw some pearls of wisdom on my query that is.
I know it’s a familiar model: Stephen Clarke’s A Year In T’he Merde , Joanne Harris’ Chocolat and Peter Mayle’s A Year In Provence

Yes, it’s all been done before, and not just by these three writers, but as we all know there’s nothing new under the sun. It is for this reason that I want to write about my life here in France. I could spout out all sorts of lofty artistic sentiments here, but the truth is, my family are nagging me to death to write it. I want a quiet life, so I’m just going to fall in with it.

As the summer evenings are so light, I have put aside time in the week to make a start – Well. to move on from the start I have already made.
I think I will take Elisabeth Winkler’s 10 minute rule to heart – starting each time seems to be hardest thing. Concentration is another – mine is about as long as a goldfish. Unsurprising with my surname I suppose.

2 thoughts on “How do you write a book?- Tuesday 19th May 2009

  1. And here is another tip:

    You are at the brainstorming stage not the editing one.

    So write in fragments.

    Catch the snatches of thought in your head but do not try (unless they pop out fully-formed) to write complete sentences. Not yet.

    Love Elisabeth

  2. Absolutely – I tend to write that way anyway, putting thoughts on paper and then ordering them afterwards – I bit like how I do everything. When the idea starts to crystallise into a cogent form, is the time to write a synopsis and sample chapter – do you reckon?

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