For those who do not know, French Property News is the bible for those people keen to relocate to France. It is crammed with insightful nuggets about the whole experience, and often features contributors who have years of experience in the overseas property market.
I recently contacted them as they were asking to feature blogs on their website, and they very kindly obliged by promptly placing “Haddock in the Kitchen” in a very prime spot.
So, remembering my manners, a big thank you to Karen Tait the editor and her team of IT wizards who worked the necessary magic to get me up on to their web site.
Karen additionally suggested I write an article, which I have recently completed, and it will be published in the July edition of the magazine.
I hope that I can do justice to their confidence in my writing, and produce something that will encourage the hopeful to swell our ranks in the beautiful country that is La Belle France”.


  1. That’s fantastic that they featured you. Congratulations and thanks for letting me know about French Property News. I found you through my blog at after writing about French chateaus!

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