17th May 2009 – Retro Cooks – Jocasta Innes

This month’s deadline caught me unaware. I was stuck as to who to write about. Feeling off my game, I haven’t even opened a cookery book for about 6 weeks. I have cooked rarely, and discovered the diet of my past convalescences: Heinz Tomato Soup, Cheerios, tea and biscuits, and yoghurt. Sadly, I was unable to get hold of any Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles, but improvised with fruit jellies instead.
Small wonder that I lost my inspiration for my food writing.
I rallied today and rooted around in the attic and came across Jocasta Innnes – well her books at least. She will make a fine retro cook this month I feel. She’s not a bad interior designer either.

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