Thursday 26th March 2009. Clock’s Ticking…………….

Time is slipping away at an alarming rate. I have just a few days to get the maelstrom that is our annual accounts into some sort of order. The kitchen table is piled high with serious pieces of paper – invoices, bank statements, pay slips, toffee wrappers…………………….I am in my usual state of denial and attempting to do every other conceivable job known to man before I settle at last to finish it off. I am a last minute girl. I will be still at it when I’m on the boat sailing towards the UK. I’ll never learn. Must dash, off to polish the the garden gnomes just one more time…………………….

2 thoughts on “Thursday 26th March 2009. Clock’s Ticking…………….

  1. Don’t quite understand your panic to get your tax affairs in order. The deadline to file your tax returns for the year ending 5th April 2009 (on line) is 31st January 2010, if we’re talking UK here. Plenty of time – have a glass of wine !!

    • That’s very kind of you to be so concerned, but I was referring to Company tax returns, in our case due very soon ! However, I will have the glass of wine, perhaps it will calm my tattered nerves!
      Please keep reading the blog. Many thanks

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