Thursday 19th March 2009. Blogging – Putting off the Inevitable.

I had a flash of inspiration this morning – rare admittedly.
I was pondering the odds of a burglar having broken in to my unlocked office in our coach house – and having made off with my numerous plastic boxes – previously mentioned and containing my entire year’s business paperwork – thus preventing me from continuing with the annual ordeal of organising myself for my merciless accountant.
I then weighed this up against the same burglar having to make a choice between that or stealing one of my two unlocked cars on the drive – both with the keys in the ignition (Aside from my main theme , I guess you are picking up that crime is pretty non existent here)
After making my first life saving coffee of the day, I checked on both these theoretical incidents, and found that neither had occurred.
On the upside, I have still got transport to pick my husband up from the airport this Friday – on the downside, I have to get on with my paper chase game today – again.
Here’s where the inspiration came in.
I am being cajoled from all sides to “concentrate on my writing” – Top idea!
So here I am, duly doing as advised and knocking out today’s blog post – yet further and further delaying the main event.
Still though, what happens if no-one comes along to steal the precious plastic boxes……………………………….

One thought on “Thursday 19th March 2009. Blogging – Putting off the Inevitable.

  1. Are those the boxes in question? That’s too many boxes for a mere human being and your current action – to ignore them – seems sound.

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