Wednesday 18th March . A Million Thongs………….

diary1Oh, come on. You didn’t honestly think I was about to emblazon an image of THAT on my blog! I’m not sure that my male readership is that strong at the moment.thong
I was merely referring to the amusing “typo” I made when e mailing someone recently. I was intending to try and break the land speed record for writing and made an error, which read “Must dash, a million thongs to do…………”
My eagle -eyed recipient was quick to point this out , but I feel this small nuance should become my mantra – I seem to spend so much of my time running around trying to do more than is humanly possible.
A friend, not known for their early rising once commented that I achieved more things while they slept in than was scientifically possible. I took that as a great compliment. (On a completely unrelated note – the French expression for lie in is “Gras Matinee” Fat Morning – How delightfully explicit!)
So what’s making me run around today?
Part of my multi tasking brief is to look after our small but perfectly formed property renovation business. I am definately the hands off type when it comes to this, but my long suffering brother in law Paul is dragging me along to the builder’s merchants at Cholet today to pay for some materials. It’s a kind of B&Q operation and it is about 50 kilometers away – suffice to say they discount everything quite heavily, but as a consequence don’t hold trade accounts, like the local ones. So, I am the cheque book of this morning’s operation – oh yes, and supplier of yummy snacks from the fabulous boulangerie next door there. My brother in law is working on a personal challenge – trying to equal the value of the materials bill with his order for the late morning snack. He’s doing rather well. (Note to self: Ensure sufficient funds in business account)
Anyway, must dash – a million…………… know the rest…………..

One thought on “Wednesday 18th March . A Million Thongs………….

  1. I must permit myself a little blush here, for it was I who was the recipient of : “a million thongs”. Uncomfortable things but I won’t make a thong and dance about it…

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