Going Into Print.


Yes that’s right. I am going into print.
I have written two articles and both will appear in print.
I am still a little stunned. I imagined that the whole process was a little more complicated. Apparently not.
I put forward a few ideas and they were readily and enthusiastically accepted by the respective editors, I wrote the articles and sent them off.
One is for a food magazine and the other is for a national newspaper. I call it Beginner’s Luck.
So, no pressure to write more regularly now……………………………

4 thoughts on “Going Into Print.

  1. Congratulations. Please tell me what food magazine that your article will be featured in and in what newspaper. I would love to read your articles. Is the food magazine published in the U.S.A.? Please send me a note on comments here., or on my food candy page. Have a good day!

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