What’s in the Haddock Kitchen?

A girl cannot have too many baskets. Useful things. This one is guarding part of my onion and garlic crop from this summer. Properly dried and stored ( in a basket of course) they will last for many months. Little is wasted, Even the odd one that attempts to sprout can be rescued and used. A good larder staple.
Likewise, the much maligned dried bean takes pride of place in the Haddock kitchen.
My earlier post containing my musings on the rising cost of food included a photo of my dresser in the kitchen housing my supplies of grains cereals, pulses and the like.
Quite a fetching display some may say perhaps. For me it serves a more practical purpose. I can see what I have in stock – I don’t now habitually buy a packet of rice, pasta and flour every time I go to the shops.
How many times I did it before my epiphany over food purchasing I couldn’t even hazard a guess.
As my blog develops I aim to include recipes using my “dry store”, in an attempt to illustrate it as an invaluable resource in the kitchen. Like the onions, they have a good shelf life and do not have to join the weekly fridge clear out, that so often results in terrible waste.

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