Are You Having a Food Crisis?

It seems that everywhere we look today, there is talk of global food shortages and rising prices.
Like many others, I have been confronted with increases in food prices at the supermarket over the past months.
The reasons have been clearly spelled out for all of us – rising fuel costs, a massive increase in grain prices, a huge demand for an improved diet from countries like China and India, an urgent need to seriously invest in food production……..these are but a few of the reasons conveyed to us all.
So, what can we do?
Pay more and more?
Eat less?
Shop more wisely?
We will each of us come up with a strategy for dealing with our food budget.
Having considered the options, I do not really want to “give in and pay up” to the supermarket price hike.
I think, quite simply they have had it too good for too long.
The time has come to shop with more care and attention to detail.
I have adopted the folowing “good habits” when I shop now.
1. I take a list of what I need
2. I take a calculator
3.I take my reading glasses to read those ever so small shelf edge labels (Having done a quick once around our local supermarkets, they seem to be largely black writing on a dark grey background – not the easiest and clearest colours for reading!)
4. I set a budget of what I will spend for a weeks’shop.
5. I shop around.
6. I have set my price per kilo for a number of basic foods. ( I have set my meat budget a 8 euros a kilo)
It’s not really rocket science, and it’s getting back to basics, but quite honestly, it is so easy to get caught out.
I quote the following example:
I went to a hypermarket about 10 days ago and wanted to buy some “instant packet noodles” that my daughter seems to exist on.
I picked up a few different brands, and noticed that the price per kilo was around 7 euros 20 cents. Given that pasta is made of the same basic ingredients, I found this rather surprising as a kilo of pasta can be bought for less than 1 euro 50 cents.
After a bit of digging around, I was able to find a brand that I had used before costing around 2 euros 60 cents a kilo.
Not the sort of saving to start booking a Carribean holiday on, but that is just one example in a weekly shop.
Just think about the rollup on several items bought on a weekly basis…… is then easy to see where the extra expense comes from.
I don’t intend to throw hard earned money away on the basics of eating, and will use this blog space to post some ideas and recipes that will help keep that unwanted expense in check.
Watch this space………………………………..

Store Cupboard Items in Haddock\'s Kitchen

Store Cupboard Items in Haddock's Kitchen

3 thoughts on “Are You Having a Food Crisis?

  1. Hi. Thanks for the comment on my site. This blog looks great already. I like the ideas for adapting Jamie Oliver’s recipe. I also have the book!
    I am still finding it tough to keep down costs in the kitchen. I totally agree a shopping list is key, I am also considering taking a calculater to the shops like yourself. Learning to use your freezer effectively is also a good tip as well as using store cupboard ingredients. I like to freeze stale bread for breadcrumbs and any over-ripe fruit ready for smoothies.
    Claire at Food4two.

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